Meet Regina

Regina Mustafa has been a resident of Rochester for over 12 years. She is a wife and mother of two young children. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Counselor Education from Winona State University – Rochester. In 2014, Regina formed an interfaith non-profit organization dedicated to fostering education and understanding among Rochester’s richly diverse communities. She has long been involved in grassroots efforts aimed at strengthening our community. Regina served on the City of Rochester Ethical Practices Board and is the current vice chair of the Olmsted County Human Rights Commission.
Regina is the recipient of several awards including the Champion of Diversity from the Diversity Council of Rochester,  and the Mayor’s Medal of Honor in 2016 from Mayor Ardell Brede.






Affordable Housing

As Rochester continues to grow, it’s important that we ensure it is a place for everyone.

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Living Wage

As mayor, I will lead the effort to establish incremental increases in the minimum wage for Rochester.

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Public Transit

Rochester deserves a multi-modal public transit system. As our city rapidly expands, local government must take steps towards pedestrian and transit-friendly policies.

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Development and Sustainability

The Mustafa for Mayor campaign is committed to an equitable, people-centered approach to planning and improve the quality of life for all Rochester residents no matter their age, ability, or socioeconomic status.

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